Friday, July 31, 2009

after 4 months.... :p

hi's almost 4 months since i last published my post here..actually in this past months, i didn't have anything interesting to share with u all..i juz lived my life as a normal student..again this year, i had to take the KSCP exam for 3 papers that i flunked in 1st n 2nd yr :(..once more, i spent my valuable 3weeks holiday period to stay here at usm..the 1st 2 weeks supposed to be study weeks and the last week is the exam week..i have 3 papers to take but as usual,i'm a lazy student n didn't spent that time to stdy but juz hanging around and, on the last week of the KSCP i stdy hard to cover all 3 subjects till i not hv enough time to sleep..fortunately, it's my luck this time-i passed all the subjects..i'm soooo happy coz i didn't 'owe' anymore subjects for my graduation..=) i hope i will pass all my subjects during this another 2 years as a pharmacy's student..ganbate!!!

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Anonymous said...

yay! so hepi dat u passed all the paper..hope there will be no more kscp in da future.let the future be bright and hepi every so often.iba