Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dh dpt stiker kete :D

today i've already got usm sticker for my car..yeyeh..soooo happy..i've got the pass for RST too..
xdela rs resah gelisah je xde stiker..hihi jgn jeles ye sape2 yg xdpt stiker tu..

THANX to PEMANIS coz gv me an opportunity to be one of their excos..tu yg ley dpt stiker tu..rezeki agknye..Alhamdulillah...hope next yr pn dpt stiker gk..

mm xtgkp lak gmbr stiker..nnt la klo igt, i'll post it here :p

selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan

assalamualaikum sume..arini dh ari ke-4 kte umat Islam berpuase..rsenye stil xlmbt sgt nk wish sume org selamat berpuase!!sempena puase ni, nk cte cket pengalaman bpuase slma 4 ari ni.. :p

Day 1

1st day puase dh tlpas sahur :(..sdey btol..alarm dh set tp lupe nk raise volume hp tu..bgn2 dh kol6..huhu pastu aritu ade presentation pulak..ptotnye dr kol9am-2pm..pastu mcm2 lak mslh..kol10 cmtu bru stat..1 grup ptotnye 20mnit je present + Q&A session tp msg2 amek dlm 30mnit cmtu..kol12.45 lecturer bg rht stgh jam tp mne smpt nk zohor..lum msuk wktu pn..pastu tgh2 presentation tu ktorg pn g la smyg kt msjid usm..dh kua tu rse mls pulak nk blk sne blk so ktorg pn round crk auto car wash..round2 pnye round tah smpi kt mne2 tah,rupe2nye kt bayan baru pn ade..mm pastu presentation tu nk dkat kol5 bru abes..1st day bbuke ni igt nk mkn sdap2 la..blk blik,ttdo pulak smpi dlm kol7 cmtu..bbuke kol7.30..brula thegeh2 kua crk kdai..kdai2 kt ivory ni pulak ttup..iskk sdey btol..igt nk g mkn kt hammer bay..ttup jgk..dugaan btol 1st day pose ni..last2 bbuke kt qbay..hmmm tu pn dh lmbt..org laen dh bbuke dh.. :(

Day 2

arini bgn sahur megi goreng..pastu bbuke kt qbay jgk sbb kdai2 kt ivory n hammer bay xbkak jgk..huhu

Day 3

sahur roti ngn tuna..buke bli kt bazar..nsk + ikn + sayo = rm4.40..huhu agk mhl tp ok la jgk..bli mcm2 side dish tp last2 xabes gk..huhu tamak

Day 4

sahur nsk + dgg msk merah..buke bli kt bazar..ni yg nk cte ni..bli nsk + sayo + smbl ikn bilis + aym = rm8..huhu mhl gle..biase bli kt cfe ni rm4-rm5 je..cekik drh btol org kt bazar tu..bln2 pose ni cmtu pulak die..xnk dh bli kt ctu..esok buke kt cfe je kot :(

Friday, July 31, 2009


hi everybody..how r u?this last few days, i wasn't feeling too well..it started on the saturday night..i started feeling tired n coughing..mayb it's because of my lptop..coz my lptop fell sick too on that friday night..so, i juz take a rest n the next day i was hvg a headache and my cough is worse..so, i took 2 tablets of PCM n that evening i felt better..unfortunately, on the next monday morning, i was hvg a high fever about 39.4 degrees..the usm clinic juz gv me 1 day MC and some medications..that evening once again i was hvg a fever n my cough is worse than ever..the headache never go away and on tuesday i didn't go to class but no MC..so, i went back to the clinic on wednesday n run a blood test..my test came back normal according to the doctor..today, the fever n headache all gone away but my cough is too stubborn n i'm suffering from sore throat..my medications all finished but i'm not feeling well yet..

-high fever

these r all symptoms for h1n1 but that doctor said my blood test was normal..hope i can get better as soon as possible..
for anybody out there who have this symptoms, go n do blood test..when u cough or sneeze,pls cover ur mouth with handkerchief or tissue or wear mask..don't spread the virus to others k..
usm transkerian already closed down,i don't want this main campus closes down too...

now,my lptop is already recover from its illness,n now is my time to fully recover..


watashino namae wa nur fadhilah desu..
watashiwa ni jyuu ni sai desu..
hehe..i take japanese class this sem..i'm so happy i can finally learn japanese..
for this beginner's class, i'll learn about hiragana..at first, it was quite difficult to memorize the letters but now i'm able to write and read hiragana sentences..but slowly la..n without understand the meaning..hehe..hope to be able to speak and understand japanese after this..dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu..

after 4 months.... :p

hi everybody..it's almost 4 months since i last published my post here..actually in this past months, i didn't have anything interesting to share with u all..i juz lived my life as a normal student..again this year, i had to take the KSCP exam for 3 papers that i flunked in 1st n 2nd yr :(..once more, i spent my valuable 3weeks holiday period to stay here at usm..the 1st 2 weeks supposed to be study weeks and the last week is the exam week..i have 3 papers to take but as usual,i'm a lazy student n didn't spent that time to stdy but juz hanging around and dreaming.....so, on the last week of the KSCP i stdy hard to cover all 3 subjects till i not hv enough time to sleep..fortunately, it's my luck this time-i passed all the subjects..i'm soooo happy coz i didn't 'owe' anymore subjects for my graduation..=) i hope i will pass all my subjects during this another 2 years as a pharmacy's student..ganbate!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

a touching weekend :p

hye all...its been 2months since i updated my blog..
last last saturday(14/3), my family came here to visit me..
hehe actually they were extremely worried bout 'something' that i did and plan to do..
i'm so sorry for making u all worried..
they came here and spent a night at vistana hotel..we rent a family suite and it was great..
the price is also reasonable and the suite is comfortable..
even its for 1 night,i'm very2 happy and touched..
ok..i'll never bring this up again b4 i finish my study,i promised to myself..
here are some pictures...
o yeah..my sisters n i went swimming there..hehe

Friday, January 23, 2009

holiday & JPA

i'm soo happy today!!!about 7am i received a SMS notification from bank islam..JPA dah masuk!!yeye..seronoknyeee...akhirnye b'akhir jgk pnantian yg menyeksakn ni..ALHAMDULILLAH...
for all my friends..HAPPY HOLIDAY and ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my sis & i

on your left is my sis, me is on your right..see the difference right..
that pic for the birthday wish is my sis ok..not me..haha :p
p/s: at the center is my other sis..the photographer was my youngest sis.. :p

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


it's already 2 days since the pharmnight is over..i'm really tired and have no time to update this blog..as early as 11am, all the committees for the pharmnight were asked to gather at the PALAPES to wait for the bus to take us to the E&O hotel..we arrived at 12pm and started to do the settings and rehearsals for that night's event..i'm a member in sponsorship dept BUT was given all sorts of duties including protocol and physical & technical..i was asked to be a GOH (guard of honor) but to be precise a 'penyambut tetamu'..i had to wear the lab coat while holding the mortar & pestle..huhu i was also asked to be the stage assistant for the performances and bring chairs to the stage for the VIP photography session..luckily, we were out of time and there's not enough time to do the photography session so no need for me to do that..i was so busy that night and sooo tired..i really didn't have time for the dinner but fortunately i already had my dinner before the event started..i also didn't have time to take many photos during that night..it is soooo relieved that it was over..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

SWEET 17th

Today is Jan 17th..
happy birthday to my sis!!!
sweet 17th..
may Allah bless u always..
gudluck for your SPM..
i don't know what to get for ur birthday so i let u choose k..

~happy birthday to you~
~happy birthday to you~

~happy birthday to ateh~

~~happy birthday to you~~

SWEET 17th

Friday, January 16, 2009


yesterday was my 2nd day guitar class..we were taught about the note of the guitar..bout fretboard and platrum aka pick..i already understand bout the notes but i wonder how i'll memorized all of it..huhu

usually, the acoustic guitar has 6 strings..they are arranged from the thinnest to the thickest string from bottom to the top respectively..the thinnest string is the 1st string while the thickest string is the 6th string..so from the bottom, 1,2,3,4,5,6..hmm there are 12 notes which are made up from 7 alphabet..A,B,C,D,E,F & G..the 1st string is E note..2nd is B, and then G,D,A,E respectively..actually i don't know how to explain but i just write what i understand..each fret has its own note..for example,for the 6th string, the note is actually E but for the 1st fret, its note is F, for 2nd fret is F#,3rd is G,4th is G# and the fifth is A..i already memorized all the notes but in sequence only..A,A#/Bb,B,C,C#/Db,D,D#/Eb,E,F,F#/Gb,G,G#/Ab..its hard to explain so i paste this pic so that its easier to understand what i meant earlier..

hmm i have to practice, practice, practice & practice...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my first guitar..

hello everyone!!!
i already bought my own guitar!!
it's all thanx to my brother..
angah,thank u soooo much!!!
i'm really touched..feel want to cry..
GOD, thanx for giving me such a kind and understanding brother..

today,after my lecture, about 4pm, i went to Bayan Baru to buy a guitar..at first, i thought the shop there, which is recommended by my guitar teacher,is a music shop but it's actually a supermarket..there's only 3 guitars there..and the brand is 'kapok'..so, i went to BJ to take a look at the guitars in a real music shop..they don't have guitar 'kapok' and the guitars there are much more expensive..i don't have a choice since i don't have much money and furthermore, i'm just a beginner..so, i went back to that shop at BB and bought this guitar there..just an ordinary guitar but sufficient for a beginner like me..i bought the guitar for rm89.90 and its bag for rm29.90..i also bought 5 guitar's picks (btol ke name die pick?) coz i didn't know the picks got many sizes and which one i have to use..so, i bought 5 different sizes of picks..haha

tomorrow i have to bring guitar to my class coz i don't have time to go back to my room to 'fetch' it..hmm i wonder what my friends' reaction...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


hi there..bout the SE c905..i don't think i'm gonna buy it afterall..
i'll survey other hp..


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SE c905 vs SE g900


hmm sony ericsson c905 (sblh kiri)..korg pnah tgk x?nk sgt bli hp ni..tp xpnah tgk dpan2 lg..smlm sje2 tgk hp kt sony ericsson pnye website..mmg dh lme plan nk bli hp..pastu t'nmpk pulak hp ni..dlm gmbr nmpk lawa la..xtau la klo tgk face to face..xsaba nk tgu JPA msuk..nk bli hp..tp hp ni mhl..xtau la market price skg bpe..huhu sape2 tau hrge die, gtau la k..ade 4 kaler,xtau gk nk plih kale mne...kdg2 tu tgk dlm gmbr je cntik,ble tgk btol2 xde la lawa mne..b4 ni bknan kt SE g900 (sblh kanan) ..mhl jgk..so,kononnye xnk bli..pastu jmpe ni..mhl gk..tp nk bli pulak..yg g900 tu xjd nk bli sbb tgk dpan2 xlawa..hmm nk plih yg mne ek..tolg la bg pndapat...huhu

Monday, January 12, 2009

'cekik darah'

hello everyone..today, early in the morning i already filled with anger..i went to class this morning later than usual..as i entered the lecture hall, i wonder why there's nobody there..why i'm the only one in that lecture hall???where's anybody else??it's already late. how can no one arrives yet..!! i was feeling 'insecure' so i SMS my friend..HUH!!today's class is divided into 2 groups and i'm in the 2nd group which is on next week..huhu..this is not why i felt angry..i felt sad bout this..iskk

then, i decided to eat to waste my time..so, i went to the cafe and had my breakfast..i bought a plate of 'nasi putih, sambal ikan bilis, 1 telur goreng and a few timun' and i ordered a glass of 'milo ais'..i paid with RM50 note and the balanced is Rm45.80..i felt strange..i thought that 'makcik' miscalculated it..so, i asked her,"makcik, ni 3 ringgit ke?" i pointed to my plate..then she said,"a'a, ikan bilis ni singgit setengah..bla..bla..bla..ngan timun lagi.." that is when my heart filled with anger..i said in my heart,"mahal gile..cekik darah tol makcik ni..timun pn nk kire"..i really felt 'x puas hati' with that 'makcik'..usually, i bought the same breakfast at my hostel's cafe and it only costs me RM2..why is that 'makcik' so 'cekik darah'????ikan bilis pun singgit setengah..so expensive!! it is ridiculous..cekik darah betul punye makcik!!

p/s: juz nk luahkn rse x puas hati..sape mkn cili, die yg rse pedas......
pic tu bkn yg pg td punye..lupe nk tgkp gmbr..so,crk gmbr kt intenet je..
lbey kurg mcm tu la..tp xde ayam n kacang..n telur tu bkn telur rebus..
telur goreng.......smbal dlm pic tu nmpk sdap..tp yg pg td,masin...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

'misunderstanding' memory..

this memory is from my childhood time..

when i was in the kindergarten, i was locked up in a room by my teacher..

i was a 'bit' naughty at that time (until now, actually) but i didn't remember what i've done..

everywhere i go, when there is a 'discussion' about naughty act, i always tell my friends bout this..i was locked up in a room for doing something naughty but i didn't remember what it was..

a few weeks ago, i brought up this story again in my home..and i asked my mom what it was about coz i really don't remember..fortunately, my mom remembers about this and finally, i know the truth....it's not i've done something wrong or being naughty, i've been locked up in the room bcoz i finished my exam earlier than other students..so, my teacher QUARANTINE me in that room..huhu..as a conclusion, i realized that i'm a good kid actually....and FYI, i was a naughty girl but i am a good girl now.. :p

Friday, January 9, 2009

my unforgettable memory...

today, when i went to buy 'milo ais' at the cafe, suddenly my eyes caught 2 figures that i thought i recognized..i tried to open my small eyes bigger to take a clearer look at them..then i shouted "...!!" ( i don't remember what i said coz i was sooo excited and it was spontaneous)..there, i saw my 'old' friends from usmkk standing in the front of the 'kedai mkn' next to the 'kedai air'..i'm so happy to meet them here in penang since i really miss all my friends at usmkk..it's already 2 years since i got 'kicked' out from there..huhu

talking bout usmkk, i remembered an incidence that can be categorized under 'pengalaman yang memalukan'..this incidence happened on one night when my friends and i rented (<-- is this the past tense for 'rent'?) a car to go to KB Mall and bowling at Perdana..as usual,i'm not the one who drives the car..we went to KB Mall first and then went to Perdana..at the KB Mall, on our way out from there, we had trouble with our car coz it can't be reverse from the parking lot..so, we pushed that car and fortunately there was no one witnessed the situation..then, we went to Perdana and parked our car in front of the 'medan selera'..after done playing bowling, we headed out and this is when the 'pengalaman yang memalukan' happened......

our car can't be reversed from the parking lot AGAIN...we tried to push that car by leaning in front of the car and push slowly but unfortunately it was not on a flat ground and we didn't want to let people watch us push the car..it was so frustrated that the reverse gear is not working..i wonder why......then, a car stopped behind our car and seeing we already want to leave, they waited for the parking lot..we didn't know what to do anymore, so we just sat there and disscused what to do..there was a group of 'mat motor' (i juz call them 'mat motor' coz they rode motorcycles) and they were wondering why we didn't move our car..huhu..we really didn't know what to do anymore..then, i with the 'muka tebal' approach one of them and told them that our car can't be reversed from the parking lot..the 'mat motor' tried to reverse the car but can't..his friend who's trying to help, can't reverse the car too..we are surrounded by 'mat motors' and there were many eyes watching us from the 'medan selera'..huhu malunye...

finally, our car can be reversed by one of the 'mat motor' who is actually a mechanic..he told us that the car's reverse gear is different..we have to lift the gear and push it forward..not push it backward..huhu..

TQ for the person who helped us..i really appreciate it..
that car was Proton Savvy....i hate Savvy!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


hello there..

today i had a 'taklimat' for my Ko-k..

next Monday i'll have my first guitar lesson in my life..huhu

fortunately we don't have to bring our own guitar that day..

but on the 2nd class which is on Thursday, we hv to bring a guitar..

i want to go buy it this weekend but i don't know how to choose..

i already ask the teacher but he wants to teach us

how to choose a guitar on that 1st class..

i wonder if i hv enough time to buy it b4 Thursday..iskk

i want to borrow from a friend but i don't know who has a guitar..

and with the scholarship not being 'debited' into my account yet,

where can i get money to buy the guitar?

help me!!!!

please let me borrow ur guitar for that 2nd class b4 i go buy my own..

at first, i thought tanti n i are the only female in that class..

or at least the only female who wears 'tudung' but it's a relieved (<-- is this word correct?)

coz there is 7 of 'us' there..

and if i not mistaken, the females in that guitar class are more than the males..

hmm enough talking bout today..i'll continue after the 1st class......

-to be continued-

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i don't know!!!

hi all..sorry coz it's already 2 months since i last update my blog..

it's not that i don't have time but i don't know what to write..

i already have an idea but i don't know where to start..

my friends always ask me to update my blog but i don't know what they want me to write..

so i just fulfil their request coz i don't know what to do anymore..

hmm i don't know what pic to paste here so i chose this one..

this one was from my friend's wedding early last year..

huhu talking bout wedding..i don't know when is my time..

n i don't know with whom it might be..

i don't know if i should be worrying coz

i don't know what my future will be...