Sunday, March 22, 2009

a touching weekend :p

hye all...its been 2months since i updated my blog..
last last saturday(14/3), my family came here to visit me..
hehe actually they were extremely worried bout 'something' that i did and plan to do..
i'm so sorry for making u all worried..
they came here and spent a night at vistana hotel..we rent a family suite and it was great..
the price is also reasonable and the suite is comfortable..
even its for 1 night,i'm very2 happy and touched..
ok..i'll never bring this up again b4 i finish my study,i promised to myself..
here are some pictures...
o sisters n i went swimming there..hehe

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Anonymous said...

dilla (^_^) watz up eh? hehe

ur fwen; aimi