Friday, July 31, 2009


hi r u?this last few days, i wasn't feeling too started on the saturday night..i started feeling tired n coughing..mayb it's because of my lptop..coz my lptop fell sick too on that friday, i juz take a rest n the next day i was hvg a headache and my cough is, i took 2 tablets of PCM n that evening i felt better..unfortunately, on the next monday morning, i was hvg a high fever about 39.4 degrees..the usm clinic juz gv me 1 day MC and some medications..that evening once again i was hvg a fever n my cough is worse than ever..the headache never go away and on tuesday i didn't go to class but no, i went back to the clinic on wednesday n run a blood test came back normal according to the, the fever n headache all gone away but my cough is too stubborn n i'm suffering from sore medications all finished but i'm not feeling well yet..

-high fever

these r all symptoms for h1n1 but that doctor said my blood test was normal..hope i can get better as soon as possible..
for anybody out there who have this symptoms, go n do blood test..when u cough or sneeze,pls cover ur mouth with handkerchief or tissue or wear mask..don't spread the virus to others k..
usm transkerian already closed down,i don't want this main campus closes down too...

now,my lptop is already recover from its illness,n now is my time to fully recover..


watashino namae wa nur fadhilah desu..
watashiwa ni jyuu ni sai desu..
hehe..i take japanese class this sem..i'm so happy i can finally learn japanese..
for this beginner's class, i'll learn about first, it was quite difficult to memorize the letters but now i'm able to write and read hiragana sentences..but slowly la..n without understand the meaning..hehe..hope to be able to speak and understand japanese after this..dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu..

after 4 months.... :p

hi's almost 4 months since i last published my post here..actually in this past months, i didn't have anything interesting to share with u all..i juz lived my life as a normal student..again this year, i had to take the KSCP exam for 3 papers that i flunked in 1st n 2nd yr :(..once more, i spent my valuable 3weeks holiday period to stay here at usm..the 1st 2 weeks supposed to be study weeks and the last week is the exam week..i have 3 papers to take but as usual,i'm a lazy student n didn't spent that time to stdy but juz hanging around and, on the last week of the KSCP i stdy hard to cover all 3 subjects till i not hv enough time to sleep..fortunately, it's my luck this time-i passed all the subjects..i'm soooo happy coz i didn't 'owe' anymore subjects for my graduation..=) i hope i will pass all my subjects during this another 2 years as a pharmacy's student..ganbate!!!